Mitsotakis sworn in as Prime Minister of Greece


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As of: 06/26/2023 3:03 p.m

After a clear victory for the conservative “Ne Demokratie” Kyriakos Mitsotakis was sworn in as Prime Minister of Greece. The 55-year-old announced reforms in the wage and health sector.

On Sunday, the Conservatives won the Greek parliamentary elections with 40.56 percent of the vote. The previous prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has now been sworn in for a second term.

Mitsotakis said he would pursue “ambitious” goals in the next four years and announced “major reforms”. He wants to campaign for wage increases and more efficient administration, for example. In addition, the underfunded health system is to be strengthened and nursing staff and doctors are to be hired on a massive scale

With 158 seats, Mitsotaki’s “Ne Demokratie” party has an absolute majority in the 300-seat parliament. This is also due to a new electoral law that awards up to 50 bonus seats to the strongest party.

Right-wing “Spartiates” create three percent hurdle

The left-wing Syriza party led by former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras came in second with 17.83 percent of the vote. The Social Democrats received 11.9 percent of the vote and 32 seats. The communist party KKE followed with 7.7 percent and 20 seats.

The right-wing party “Spartiates” made it through the three percent hurdle in the Greek parliament with 4.6 percent and 12 seats.

Congratulations from abroad

Representatives of other governments congratulated Mitsotakis on his election victory. “I look forward to continuing our close collaboration (…) to promote prosperity and regional security,” said US President Joe Biden.

French President Emmanuel Macron promised cooperation for a “stronger and more sovereign Europe”. And Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani called Mitsotaki’s re-election a “sign of political stability that is good for the whole of Europe.”

According to media reports, the composition of the cabinet should be announced by Tuesday morning at the latest.

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