Missing Rebecca Reusch: the police are looking for the brother-in-law again


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Missing Rebecca Reusch
Police are looking for the brother-in-law again

Even after four years, the disappearance of 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch is not a “cold case” for the Berlin police. During another search in the brother-in-law’s house, the investigators are said to have confiscated a piece of clothing.

Around four years after Disappearance of the then 15-year-old Rebecca Reusch from Berlin, the police apparently searched the house of the suspected brother-in-law of the missing person again. A spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor’s office confirmed at the request of RTL that a search had taken place at “the accused, against whom the investigation is still ongoing”. When exactly the operation took place and what exactly the investigators were looking for, the spokesman did not say so as not to endanger the investigation.

After Information from RTL Acoustic measurements are said to have been carried out in the house in the Britz district, presumably to test which noises escaped to the outside. The police also secured a bathrobe with a missing belt, the station reports. Whether the missing belt is related to a possible crime is completely open.

Rebecca Reusch stayed at her older sister’s house on February 17, 2019, where she lived with her child and her husband Florian R. She did not show up for school the next morning, and in the afternoon her parents reported her missing. Five days later, the homicide squad took over the investigation, but a body was never found.

Police believe Rebecca did not leave her sister’s home alive. Florian R. is still the only suspect in the case, he was alone with Rebecca on the morning of her disappearance. The suspicion against him was confirmed after the family’s vehicle was registered shortly after the alleged crime on the A12 motorway in the direction of Poland. R. could not provide a conclusive explanation for the trips. Inside the Renault Twingo, forensic scientists found a hair from Rebecca and strands of a purple fleece blanket that had belonged to her. Rebecca Reusch’s family is still convinced of Florian R.’s innocence.

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