Minimum wage is not enough: SPD leader Klingbeil wants to burden the rich more


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Minimum wage is not enough
SPD leader Klingbeil wants to burden the rich more

The traffic light parties are still ruling out tax increases. But the distribution battles are getting tougher and SPD leader Klingbeil at least has an idea of ​​who could do more.

Shortly before the federal government wants to approve its budget draft for 2024 in the cabinet, SPD leader Lars Klingbeil brought higher taxes for the rich into play. “Strong shoulders will have to bear more responsibility,” said Klingbeil of “Bild am Sonntag”. “I know not everyone in government likes that, but issues of distribution and justice belong on the political agenda.”

Under pressure from the FDP, the traffic light government has so far ruled out tax increases. Klingbeil announced fierce negotiations about income and expenditure: “In the next few years we will have to discuss distribution issues very hard again.”

Klingbeil expressly justified the higher expenses for defense. “It is absolutely necessary that we finally better equip the Bundeswehr. The state must guarantee the safety of its citizens at all times, and this requires investments in well-equipped troops,” said the SPD chairman.

At the same time, he insisted on investments in climate protection and higher social spending: “A strong economy that can handle the climate-neutral conversion is just as important. And we want to invest more money in social cohesion, for example by consistently combating child poverty and stabilizing pensions,” he said blade axe.

“Inflation eats up wages”

In this context, Klingbeil emphasized that the SPD wants to push through an additional minimum wage increase of up to 14 euros next year. “We will ensure that Germany implements the European minimum wage directive next year. The SPD in the federal government will push for this,” he announced. “Then the minimum wage can also rise again. According to experts, if fully implemented, that would be between 13.50 and 14 euros.”

Klingbeil considers the increase of 41 cents proposed by the minimum wage commission for next January to be insufficient: “Life has become more expensive, which is why we generally need higher wages in the country. Of course, 12.41 euros are better than 12 euros. But that’s not enough!”

The SPD chairman harshly criticized the employers’ representatives, who had pushed through this increase against the votes of the trade unions in the commission. “I’m shocked that employers don’t see the reality of life for many millions of workers in this country: inflation is eating up wages, they have to think about what they can still afford at the end of the month,” said Klingbeil . More than 41 cents “would have been absolutely justified”.

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