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Odds are, you probably don’t use Microsoft Outlook. At one point in time, you probably did use Outlook to manage and read your emails but thanks to the power of Google and its Gmail service, Outlook feels like an app from a bygone era. Yet Microsoft is doing it’s best to keep the platform relevant as it adds new functionality that will see it work closer together with Microsoft Teams.

A “Join Meeting” button is reportedly being added to Outlook that will allow users to immediately join a Teams meeting if the invite shows up in their Outlook inbox.

Some might be wondering why this is such a big deal. Firstly, it’s a long time coming as Google’s quick-join feature in Google Meet via Gmail or Google Calendar has been out for ages now. Secondly, anyone who’s become accustomed to using Teams in the last year will no doubt attest to it being… well, an absolute pain to use would probably be the most generous phrase.


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The addition of a “Join Meeting” feature was confirmed over on the Microsoft Teams UserVoice site thanks to an admin answering a request to include such a feature. While the addition of a quick-join feature for Outlook is no doubt a smart addition, there’s been no mention as to whether this function will make the jump to Gmail and other popular email apps. While Outlook still has a userbase, we’re fairly confident that Gmail’s numbers absolutely trounce it.

The confirmation post states that the update has already gone live so the “Join Now” button should be live in your Outlook right now.

Source: TechRadar

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