Meta’s upcoming Community Chats feature feels oddly familiar


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Community Chats is the next big feature coming to Facebook. It will help the platform’s 3 billion members connect even harder, through specific group chats that focus on specific topics. Like many Facebook features, this one seems… familiar.

Facebook just won’t die. It’s considered the laughing stock of social media, yet Meta continues to beat a dead horse. No matter, it’ll make the inevitable implosion that much more spectacular. We’ll be watching from a safe distance, of course.

Spreading Discord

Meta Community Chats
Image: Meta

Community Chats won’t only be plain old text chats. There’ll be separate channels that support video and audio too. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it is. This is basically Discord, with the addition of the selling of your personal information.

‘Discord from Wish’ has already been around for a while. Earlier this year, Facebook debuted ‘Community chat channels’. Since then, only a handful of users have been given access to the feature. Now, the company believes the time to unleash Community Chats is nearly upon us. Over the coming weeks, users will begin noticing their ability to create or join these Community Chats.

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Of course, even Facebook can’t just let users run around unchecked. There need to be safety systems in place. Admins of these groups will have an array of weapons to tackle the troublemakers. If need be, these admins can set up auto-kick tools to banish anyone who doesn’t explicitly follow the rules. Muting, blocking and suspending and deleting messages can be done manually. We hope they use this power wisely.

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