Meet the indie developer teaching thousands how to make games through YouTube


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As if making video games wasn’t already tough, several studios were forced to adapt earlier this year when in-office working screeched to a halt worldwide. Games were delayed, production schedules reshuffled, and creative teams everywhere had to get used to working from home. For a select few, however, nothing much changed at all. Because while being an indie developer incurs its own set of risks, it also sees you well-equipped for staying productive in a global pandemic. Who knew?

Thomas Brush, Atmos Games founder and the creator behind delectably dark 2D platformers like Pinstripe and more recently Neversong, is a good example of this. 

He admits that there have been challenges both personal and financial, but is overall proud of where his decade-long development journey has taken him: “My little section of the games industry has actually been going really well because, quite honestly, I think people are just playing more games these days. It makes sense.”

(Image credit: Atmos Games)

Neversong launched on Steam back in May to positive reviews, eventually receiving a console port in July with little to no hiccups. And while Thomas Brush did have a development partner in Serenity Forge to help get the latter over the finish line during lockdown, every game he’s made so far has largely been the efforts of just himself. 

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