Meet Jio Glass, The Mixed Reality Device For 3D Holographic Classes


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At the AGM 2020, Reliance Industries Limited made several announcements. One notable announcement is the confirmation that the company is working on mixed reality services. In addition to the confirmation, the company also demonstrated the prowess of the latest piece of technology. Well, the talk is about the innovative product called Jio Glass.

Meet Jio Glass, The Mixed Reality Device For 3D Holographic Classes

The Jio Glass is meant for 3D interactions and lets users watch holographic content. The product is intended to enhance the virtual space and make it more interactive with 3D avatars besides the normal video conferencing features. It is meant to make it easy for both students and teachers with 3D virtual rooms and the ability to conduct holographic classes using the Jio Glass in real-time.

Jio Glass: Mixed Reality Device

Jio Glass, the latest mixed reality gadget from Reliance Jio weighs around 75 grams and delivers personalized audio. To access content available on the device, there is a simple cable that can be connected to the smartphone to access various use cases. There are 3D avatars that pave the way for better interactions in the virtual world. It will allow designed discussions with the help the ability to share 3D holograms.

The company touts that the Jio Glass will be supported by 25 apps initially. Later, we can expect more apps to rollout support for this mixed reality gadget. The Jio Glass can be used for educational reasons with the holographic content.

Jio Glass is at the cutting edge of technology that provides best-in-class Mixed Reality services to give users a truly meaningful immersive experience. The Jio HoloBoard Mixed Reality Headset, which Reliance Jio had demoed at the AGM last year remains to be a part of the company’s continued focus on technology-driven solutions including mixed reality and augmented reality.

Furthermore, the Jio Glass features a high tech single camera. And, it looks like any normal sunglasses though it is relatively thicker. It is possible to make calls using the Jio Glass by voicing out the command ‘Hello Jio, please call (name of the person). And, users can also join a video call using the 2D video call and holographic video call options. If Jio brings about 5G services in the country, then the Jio Glass will work seamlessly.

We can get more details about the Reliance Jio Glass in the coming days. But one thing that is certain is that the company is intended to bring about several advancements across product categories. It will be available for both businesses and individuals soon.

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