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Medical technology is something of a passion here at Stuff. It’s not always as sexy as consumer tech (except when McLaren is involved) but it’s very necessary and often quite groundbreaking. On the flip side are digital technologies, like this new app called MediVic.

Designed for a South African audience, MediVic is venturing into the field of telehealth. If you don’t know what that is, it’s where you go to see your doctor without leaving your home. We’ve needed an awful lot of that in 2020 and a little more won’t hurt. But the main question is — will MediVic get the doctors it needs to make the platform work?

It’s a MediVic-tory?

MediVic isn’t anything especially revolutionary — Discovery has a telehealth app called DrConnect, and they were not the first company in South Africa to offer the service. Just the largest. MediVic is another entrant into the field and it looks pretty comprehensive. In terms of features, that is. In terms of available medical professionals… yeah, nah. They’re a little thin on the ground at present. But then, the app’s only just launched.

Users can search for a specialist and refine that search based on geography. You know, in case you actually want to see them in person at some point. Booking of consults is taken care of in-app, with reminders as notifications closer to the time of your appointment. Then, the app facilitates the appointment itself, via encrypted (DTLS-SRTP) face-to-face video.

After that, payment for the visit is also taken care of through the app — much like you would when ordering from Mr D or when catching an Uber. The app is registered with the relevant local authorities, and they accept plastic. Or, rather, the little numbers on the plastic.

Scripts can be sent via the app, and patient notes can also be stored. That’s a feature you’re probably more interested in if you’re a medical professional. Unless you’re a professional hypochondriac, we suppose.

If you want to get your doctor on but are still wary about venturing out in public (which is a smart attitude to have, this year) then you can download and sign up for MediVic now. It’s available now for both Android and iOS — it’s still early days, however. The app officially launched today, so coverage may not be quite as broad as it’ll be in the coming weeks. At present there are only a handful of doctors practicing on the app — that should hopefully change soon.

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