Matthäus: “Oliver Kahn is lying”: Nagelsmann’s management contradicts FC Bayern


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Matthew: “Oliver Kahn is lying”
Nagelsmann’s management disagrees with Bayern Munich

Lothar Matthäus and Oliver Kahn once played together at FC Bayern. On Saturday, the two Munich greats are arguing over the TV microphone. The trigger: The Nagelsmann separation. The record national player gets support from the ex-coach’s management.

Soccer record national player Lothar Matthäus has raised serious allegations against CEO Oliver Kahn from the German series champion Bayern Munich. “I know that Oliver Kahn is lying,” Matthäus told t-online during the half-time break in the top game between the record champions and Borussia Dortmund (4-2).

The dispute between Matthäus and Kahn had started before the game on Sky. The background is the circumstances of the dismissal of coach Julian Nagelsmann. “Oliver Kahn just wants to distract from his problems and then he attacks me. But I was prepared for that,” said Matthäus. “I’m only saying what I hear, see and feel. The chronological sequence, as described by Kahn, does not fit together.”

The 62-year-old received support from the Nagelsmann side in his indictment. The agency Sports 360, home of the former Bayern coach, told Sky: “There was no contact and no attempt to contact Bayern. Julian Nagelsmann’s management called Hasan Salihamidžić even after the various rumors in the media.”

Nagelsmann’s separation was officially announced on March 24th. However, he is said to have heard about it from the media the day before. Matthäus had criticized the Bayern bosses for it. “Always this insinuation that we wouldn’t maintain the style of FC Bayern, so I would be very, very careful there,” countered Kahn during a poisonous exchange of blows.

However, the former world-class goalkeeper described the circumstances of Nagelsmann’s separation as a “disaster” on Sky. That was “not good” and the situation was “muddled and very difficult for the Bayern Munich leadership”. However, Kahn again defended the manner of the separation. But that was only because the information about Nagelsmann had been leaked to the media. “It certainly wasn’t from FC Bayern. (…) We’re not shooting ourselves in the foot,” said Kahn.

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