Man arrested at Buckingham Palace – Suspicious bag blown up


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Status: 03.05.2023 00:07

A few days before the coronation of the British King Charles III. Police have arrested a man after he allegedly threw shotgun shells on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. His pocket was blown up as a precaution.

A few days before the coronation of King Charles III. (74) there was an arrest and a controlled explosion at Buckingham Palace.

According to the police, a man approached the palace gate in the evening and threw several objects on the palace grounds. It was believed to be shotgun cartridges. The man was arrested on suspicion of possession of a weapon.

A suspicious bag he was carrying was detonated in a controlled manner. The area was temporarily cordoned off. According to the police, the incident was initially not classified as a terrorist act. Nobody got hurt.

Tension ahead of the coronation on Saturday

“There have been no reports of any shots being fired or injuries to officers or the public,” a police spokesman said. The officers arrested the man immediately. The royal couple were not in the palace during the incident.

The events on Tuesday evening are likely to increase tension among the security authorities. On Saturday, King Charles and his wife Camilla (75) are to drive in a procession by carriage from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey and be crowned there. Then it should also go back to the palace by carriage. Tens of thousands of onlookers are expected along the route.

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