Making shadow IT work for businesses and employees


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The use of corporate and non-corporate web services is now a certainty in workplaces of any size, scope, and sector. Different cloud services provide different benefits to various departments, and new social media, file sharing, and SaaS tools have provided an increasingly convenient way for co-workers to collaborate. Research suggests that this occurs in up to 89% in large corporations, and 92% in SME’s.

Of course, the shift to remote working has compounded the growing acceptance of these practices, and this is beginning to cement them as the new norm. The switch to home offices left many employees shorthanded with their IT, and this meant that non-corporate tech and web services became much needed solutions. This also meant that the line between corporate and personal became blurred, resulting in employees increasingly using corporate tech  for personal matters – like playing games, streaming films, or even watching porn.

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