MagSafe Found To Charge 2x Slower Than Wired Charging


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So while Apple’s AirPower charging mat might really be dead, the company isn’t done trying its hand at wireless charging, and so with the new iPhone 12, the company introduced MagSafe. This is a new magnetic wireless charging system developed by Apple that they claim faster than regular wireless chargers.

However, it seems that even then, you might be better off using wired charging because according to a review of the iPhone 12 by the Wall Street Journal, Joanna Stern discovered that charging using MagSafe took about 1 hour to get it up to 50%. This is faster than a regular wireless charging system by Anker which took 1.5 hours, however when compared against a 20W wired charging solution, it only took 28 minutes, a little more than half the time.

Now, to be fair, the wired charging uses 20W versus the 15W of MagSafe, but we have to wonder if a difference in 5W really means an extra 30 minutes of charging time. That being said, if you’re the type that’s in a hurry, then wired charging is still probably a better choice. However, if you can appreciate the hassle-free nature of wireless charging, maybe investing in the MagSafe system might not be such a bad idea.

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