Ludik, starring Arnold Vosloo, is Netflix’s first Afrikaans series


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Multichoice really wants to make the likes of Netflix create more local content. Netflix, it seems, is getting involved in just that. Ludik is the streaming service’s first Afrikaans series. As with any other South African language, you can’t just get those actors anywhere. They tend to be local.

One of those actors is Arnold Vosloo, one of SA’s most recognisable film exports. Behind Charlize Theron, who’s probably more American than anything else at this point.

Who is Ludik?

There’s currently no trailer available for Ludik. There is, however, a website for a company called Ludick Trailers (which is entirely unrelated). But, based on Netflix’s description, the series sounds like an Afrikaans version of Ray Donovan.

“The series revolves around Ludik, who appears to be a salt of the earth oke, styling himself as a wholesome family man running a successful furniture business. However, behind the veneer of respectability,  Ludik is steeped in the underworld that sees him crossing paths with mobsters and murderers. With his family in turmoil, jail time on the horizon, and death imminent, Ludik must rely on both his old and new allies to prevail and save his everything.”

Also on the cast list are Rob Van Vuuren (Swys De Villiers), Diaan Lawrenson (Anet Ludik), and Zane Meas (Brigadier Davies). The series launches on Netflix on 26 August.

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