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Netflix is trying to make its presence felt in the mobile gaming space. This takes several forms, but the very best way to do this is to release games. Lucky Luna is the latest of Netflix’s mobile titles, a pixel art platform game that sees players taking control of a little girl.

Not just any little girl, obviously. Protagonist Luna explores the game’s setting in a bid to find out the secrets of her past. The game’s based on Japanese mythology, in case the little fox mask didn’t clue you in.

Charming and lucky Luna

In terms of design, the game owes more than a little to games like Ubisoft’s Child of Light. While the setup is similar, the settings are different. Child of Light‘s hand-drawn surrounding is set very much in a European locale, while this pixel art title is based around old Japanese temples. Lucky Luna features mythological fish and other creatures, as well as one interesting aspect.

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Unusually for a platform game, there’s no jump. At all. You’d think that would make navigation difficult, but players can guide Luna back and forth with a swipe of the screen. Luna will interact with objects in the world to climb, but players can control her movements with a single thumb if they want to. Simple movements can quite easily become complicated, which elevates the charm this game offers in its introductory video.

Of course, you’ve got to be a Netflix subscriber in order to play. It’s wholly free for Netflix subscribers, with a version available for both Android and iOS. All you need to do is navigate to the game’s page through the Netflix app and you can venture off and explore Luna’s tale. If you’re not a Netflix subscriber, it doesn’t seem there’s any way to officially play it.

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