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Wondering! What could be the lucky tricks or ideas which can boost up your restaurant business? Well, in that case, I will say, the only spontaneous ideas that can boost up your dull restaurant business into the most colorful one is with tricky promotion ideas for your restaurant.

Yes, it is the marketing process that can save or uplift your restaurant business. Creative restaurant promotion ideas can help you build and enhance a separate brand identity toward your target customers. These promotional factors’ main motive is to spread awareness, letting people know about your brand’s existence to every customer you wish to target. 

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In addition, whenever there is a matter to create a marketing plan, there is a matter of money. Now, you might think that, is it worth spending a single penny on advertising and promotion ideas for restaurants? Well, for your information, let me tell you; it totally depends on the promotion ideas you use to highlight your restaurant to the targeted audience. 

The Mysterious Psychology In-The-Back Of Promotion

It‘s all about hidden psychology, the mental game, a period of manipulation and depends on convincing power. Promotional techniques trick the consumer’s mind, confuse them and ultimately manipulate them into the purchase decision. Unique promotion ideas create a strange cognitive recreation in the customer’s brain; thus, a customer forces into the buying decision. 

The Promotional message creates happiness, makes them feel special and excited to participate in those bumper offers. That’s when the mistake occurs; which every customer does, the restaurant owner manipulates the customers so that the customer spends a lot more than he\she would if there weren’t any offers!! 

In addition, the fantastic thing is that the customers don’t even know about it. After the meal, customers think that they won, but in reality, the “RESTAURANT OWNER” won because the restaurant owner got what he/she wanted, little investment on promotion, and got high on ROI.  


7 Promotion Ideas For Restaurant Business

Be creative the way you want, and that should be your motto while planning a marketing plan for your restaurant. Yes, planning promotional techniques may take time, but the return you get will be worth the investment. Use unique, creative, and innovative promotional ideas that will help you to attract new customers every time. 

Note: there is no better SORROW for reducing the number of customers in your restaurant if you have made an unconscious mistake in attracting new or old customers. 

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Here are some simple, effective, and best, and fool-proofed guaranteed, very realistic restaurant promotional ideas for you. 

7 Promotion

  • Use Social Media As Your Main Weapon

We all know “how people of all ages are more into social media” and believe whatever they see over social media. Think of social media as your main weapon because it helps to attract those who; you want to target and also helps you attract those who are still not aware of your presence in this restaurant business. Through maintaining a strong social media presence, you can easily trick customers’ psychology and make them divert their mind to the craving for food from your restaurant. Different social media promotional stunts:

  • Apply Hashtag (#)

Applying hashtag is now the latest trend over social media. It’s a fun promo stunt that every young generation uses on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more. Hashtag usually helps you to highlight your social account to the public. Hashtag strengthens the growth stage of your restaurant over social media. Moreover, it also helps to build better and stronger brand awareness, enhance engagement, etc. In addition, try to maintain and use new and fresh hashtags because if you use a popular hashtag, your post might get lost easily.

  • Click The Attractive, High-Quality Photograph 

Always remember it’s all about, how you represent your restaurant and the food you are serving. Tricking the customer’s eyesight. Adding to that, post photographs, which spontaneously highlight the ambient of your restaurant. Trying to post some mouthwatering picture of your restaurant’s food helps you hold your targeted customer to your restaurant.

Posting a visually attractive photograph regularly and maintaining your visibility over social media will enhance your organic reach and engagement with your targeted customer. Here are some techniques, by using which you can easily click high-quality photograph: 

  • Try to use natural lighting
  • Maintain strong sharpness
  • Aesthetic background
  • Video Ads 

Nowadays, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are all doing this video ad promotion and getting a fantastic response. And the secret behind this amazing response is that peoples’ bad habit of wasting time on social media. While browsing social media, whenever your targeted audience stops scrolling and starts watching any video, that’s the moment your video ads will pop up and seize the attention of your customer. There are many different types of video ads, such as skipped ads, non-skipped ads, etc.  

2. Use Food Blogger To Promote Your Restaurant 

Another unique advertising technique is promoting your restaurant through an influencer food blogger. Food bloggers help you to drive the attention of the audiences; who follow them towards your restaurant. You can invite them or hire them to promote your restaurant’s food and ambiance to their followers. 

Food bloggers can appeal to their followers to visit your restaurant. After the food blogger visits your restaurant, request him/her to promote your restaurant through content marketing or video marketing so that their followers can get to know about the ambient, interior, and taste of the food. 

3. Invent Some Super-Duper Damper Offers 

Offering many diverse and innovative offers helps you capture the psychology of the customers’ minds. Exciting offers can be anything; first, figure out what excites your Target Customer. 

Thus offering some dumper offers won’t be enough; you also need to promote them to your customers using social media. The most significant source to reach an ample number of customers. Coming out with unique, mind-blowing promotional ideas for your restaurant might get tough. Hence here is some example:

  1. Get free refreshing lemon mint with your meal 
  2. Special discount for the specific banks’ platinum cardholder
  3. Happy hour meal discount, if you come with your child
  4. Buy one get two offer
  5. Get a 10% discount if you buy anything; partnership with clothing brand
  6. Get a 5% discount, if you check in the restaurant on Facebook or Instagram
  7. Get 20% If you share your review on Facebook or Instagram
  8. 7 pm to 10 pm free chief special desert 

4. Host Giveaways Or Virtual Contests 

Giveaways or creating buzz for virtual contests are another new and trendy promo stunts. ‘Who doesn’t like free goods?” I think everyone does!! Usually, the giveaway is announced over social media. 

In the excitement of winning the free goods, the target customer can participate in the virtual competition. As a result, your restaurant can get more visibility over everyone’s device screen. You can organize different types of the contest such as:

  • Free giveaway for loyal customers
  • Tag and share your review, and win a free giveaway every week
  • Tag 10 coolest friend of yours and win a large 12-inch pizza 
  • In this valentine, express your feeling by tagging your lover 

5. Flaunt Your Customer Review 

You must be wondering; why gathering and showing off the customers’ experience is essential? Yes, it’s imperative; word of mouth is the biggest promotion you can ever get from your customer. Therefore encouraging your served customers’ to post their photographs they clicked while dining. In addition with tagging, check-in, and sharing their experience on various social media.  

Especially if you’re a new restaurant entrepreneur, this trick is the most useful one. Sharing the customers’ reviews helps increase your presence’s engagement and visibility, this is an easy way to grab your targeted customer’s attention. This WOM has the power to make your game or destroy your business within some seconds. Hence it conveys much meaning such as

  • That you aren’t cheating with your customers
  • Taste of the food 
  • The price range 
  • The ambient 
  • Yes! customers are accepting you, which establishes a cognitive trust. 

6. Cleverish Video Advertisement 

66% of teens watch videos advertisement every day; thus, video content works faster than any other type of content. Video advertising can be many types, emotional, entertaining, exciting, or cognitive. Usually, people enjoy video content these days because 30seconds can engage the audience more than any banner ad. Through video advertisement, applying various psychological tricks to engage the leads and convert them into customers. There are different types of video ads such as:

  • Facebook Video Marketing

Since Facebook is the most prominent site to gather leads within a short period of time. Hence doing video marketing over Facebook is the best decision ever. You can put your advertising on the Messenger “story form” or put the advertisement over the “Facebook watch”. Through this Facebook promotion, you get more and more visibility over the social media and slowly to the customer psychology. 


  • GIF Video Marketing 

Another exciting type of video and this latest generation also loves and enjoys this short GIF video. You can make a short GIF video of your restaurant’s food or the interior. This new young generation likes innovation and uniqueness and is always on the roll of following each other and producing a new trend. 

  • 3D Video Marketing

3D video is a multi-dimensional visualization video, where customers get the realistic feeling, and forces your customer to subconsciously get involved in the video. In this technological freak generation, watching or making a multi-dimensional video is now the latest trend. Video marketing, now considered to be the king of content. People these days enjoy every type of video, whether it’s emotional, exciting, or scary, or a direct approaching message. People are now accepting everything. And the only reason for this popularity is people’s daily habit of wasting time on social or other media.    

7. Complimentary Taste And Review 

Another type of promotion technique you can use to grab the attention of your target customer. The free taste and review system will be like, you promote through various media, that your restaurant is offering a fantastic chance of tasting free food. Your customers have to taste the food of your restaurant and express their genuine opinion, so that restaurant can understand “in which or why they are going wrong.” 

Doing this kind of advertising technique also conveys how much your restaurant values the customer. You can take a review of anything from your customers such as: 

Review about food, ambient, or your Restaurant Name

What else do you need to boost up your restaurant business !?!

Promoting your business is mandatory, but on the other side, if you only concentrate on promoting your business, you can fall into serious trouble. As mentioned above, the promotion aims to attract customers, but if they go back after getting a huge frustration from your restaurant. They might share a negative mouth of word about your restaurants. 

That is why, with lucky promotional ideas, you also need these three categories to enhance your business so that you can nurture the existing and attract the new customer as well. 

  • Dynamic Website 

A smooth and dynamic restaurant website is needed to manage the whole restaurant management. Adopting a restaurant management system helps you track orders or sales, efficient inventory management or easy online payment, etc. On the other hand, you can control your whole restaurant, kitchen, dining room, and staff room just with one tap. You might be wondering, what about those who don’t have any coding knowledge?? Let me tell you that, without any coding knowledge, you can quickly adapt and operate a restaurant management software

  • Android App

Nowadays people are more into the mobile phone, always on their hand. In additionally so as with the android apps. With the help of an android app, you can efficiently and responsively monitor the whole kitchen and waiters. There is also a separate app for customers, where customers can order their food online, and from the other side, you as an admin can monitor that.

  • Restaurant Billing Software 


Restaurant POS software is the foremost essential heart of your restaurant business. This POS or billing software enhances or totally changes your whole procedure of the billing system. And transform into a smooth payment system, order management system or inventory tracking system, etc. 

Moreover, with the help of restaurant billing software, you can control your whole system centrally, such as transaction history, customer’s personal/social information, inventory, and sales information. Not only in restaurants, but you can also use this pos software in any type of small or food stall such as bars, food court, cloud kitchen, bakery, etc. 

Final thought

At the end of the article, I would like to say a few things as a restaurant owner. Before you jump into the promotional part for your restaurant, make sure you do a proper competitor analysis. In addition, also do some secondary research such as gathering knowledge about a customer’s need, wants, and demand from this restaurant niche. 

Similarly, you can easily understand what advertising idea to choose for your restaurant, which promotional ideas bring the most customers. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that promotion is a work of patience, you will invest money, and there is no guarantee of response or profit. 

Therefore, before choosing any promotional ideas for your restaurant, list down your budget and the campaign you planned. Promotion can be many types, and the main motives for your promotional plan are to win trust, gain popularity and enhance the engagement with your targeted customer.


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