LinkedIn’s AI Will Help Draft Your Next Job-hunting Cover Letter


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Describing yourself and your skills can be tricky when applying for a job. You want to let your future boss know that you’re exactly what they are looking for, but you also don’t want to sound cocky and boastful. You probably also want to come off as friendly (but not too friendly), funny (but not too funny because you’ll be there to work and not spend your days clowning if you get the job).  It’s a lot.

LinkedIn has probably noticed the questionable writing between job seekers and potential bosses on its platform. The professional social media platform announced this week that it’s testing an AI-driven tool that writes cover letters for job seekers.

LinkedIn to the future

“Using generative AI with information from your profile, the hiring manager’s profile, the job description, and the company of interest, we create a highly personalized draft message to get a conversation started,” said Ora Levit, senior director at LinkedIn.

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It’s not going to do all the work for you. The company says job-seekers should review and customise the draft created by the AI by adding their own voice… and so they actually remember exactly what was written they eventually make it to the interview.

LinkedIn says the AI writing feature is an addition to the platform’s AI-powered writing suggestions used on users’ profiles. The latter feature, which is only available to Premium subscribers, uses AI to draft the About section and headlines on users’ profiles.

The AI-driven cover letter feature is available to Premium users as of Tuesday this week.

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