LG Velvet Dual Screen Review: A flagship killer from Korea


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In the last couple of years, prices of premium smartphones have shot up like there’s no tomorrow. There’s no doubt that these devices pack in state-of-the-art hardware, insane power, and more features than you can shake a stick at. Of course, this is ideal for power users who take their handsets to the limits. But, what about the silent majority that may not require such overkill? Well, it seems someone at LG thought about this too. And the result is the latest LG Velvet Dual Screen smartphone that promises to offer premium features such as sleek design, clever cameras, and water resistance without breaking the bank. The idea behind it is sensible and LG has all the resources to make it work. But, has it got the recipe right? Let’s find out.


Right from the first glance, the LG Velvet Dual Screen draws you in with its unique aesthetics. It looks nothing like the South Korean company’s established G or V series handsets. In terms of design, it doesn’t have a predecessor. When designing this phone, LG has surely started with a clean slate. And the result is sophisticated minimalism. The phone has no prominent branding on its back. The attention to detail is impressive. For instance, even the three camera lenses at the back are stacked up keeping aesthetics in mind. On the other hand, most brands don’t care about such minute things.

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