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“Master class, a specialized class taught by an expert.”

 Some things do exactly what they say on the tin.

“I attended the two masterclasses at SEJ’s eSummit 2021 and my mind was blown with the number of actionable tips I walked away with. The speakers were very knowledgeable and this is a must-attend in future if you want to improve your marketing.”

– Beth Lowe, Digital Marketing Consultant

At SEJ eSummit, Keith Goode from IBM and Amy Bishop from Cultivative did just that. From building advanced SEO frameworks and setting technical foundations to PPC remarketing and conversion rate optimization – their content had it all!

Even better: their deep dives into the advanced strategy and tactics you need to succeed in 2021 are now available on-demand.

You said:

“Taking an entire day out of my schedule for upgrading my skills is too difficult with all we have going on right now.”

“I know it’s important to stay current, but I’m juggling and can’t focus on several hours of instruction at once.”

“I need time to digest super in-depth info and intensive instruction, so I prefer to take in smaller chunks when I can work it into my day.”


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We heard you, and we’re excited to share this Advanced SEO & PPC Master Class content on-demand, so you can broaden and deepen knowledge when and wherever it works for you.

Learn the Best Strategies & Tools to Meet Your Digital Marketing Goals

The demand for advanced SEO and PPC is at an all-time high, yet the challenges facing us as an industry have never been greater.

SEJ eSummit SEO & PPC master classes are chock full of proven, up-to-the-minute strategies and tools to meet your business goals.

Each class includes over two hours of educational video content, case studies, worksheets, and Q&A from respected industry experts, so you can:

  • Enhance and support your personal and professional development objectives.
  • Expand your knowledge base and acquire new and advanced SEO and PPC skills.
  • Learn advanced SEO and PPC from the actionable advice and proven solutions of experts and real-world case studies from successful brands.
  • Share your knowledge and enhanced perspective with peers, clients, and colleagues.
  • Learn how to apply your new skills to solve problems with new strategies and tactics based on improving ROI.

Boost your personal and professional performance:

  • Learn new ways of thinking about SEO and PPC and how to take action on critical opportunities.
  • Develop your transferable skills and practice technical and data-led techniques.
  • Learn how to communicate better with other departmental peers in your organization, to raise your profile and value to the business.
  • Know what metrics matter the most to your superiors and how to communicate success.
  • Become a master in your own right, build up your CV and progress your career.


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On-Demand Advanced SEO Master Class With IBM’s Keith Goode

With 13 years of experience working in SEO and 20 years working online and within enterprises like Dell, Keith is one of the industry’s leading and most knowledgeable SEO professionals.

Learn Advanced SEO & PPC in New On-Demand Master Classes

Broken into four parts based on his URA SEO Framework+, Keith’s SEO Master Class is organized into four modules so you can learn at a pace that suits you.

Authority – Earning Trust and Demonstrating Authority

Establishing Relevance through Content

Setting the Technical Foundation – Usability

Prioritization and Storytelling

Also included:

  • A sample writer’s guide for SEO.
  • Prioritization graphs and frameworks.
  • Standards templates and lists of subject matter experts in critical areas of
  • Access to crucial questions and answers on the most critical SEO community topics.
  • 150+ slides of advanced SEO content.

For a more in-depth look at what you will learn, read more here: Join IBM’s Keith Goode Master Class on Advanced SEO at eSummit

According to a live poll conducted just before the Advanced SEO Master Class, nearly 40% of attendees stated that they did not have a long-term vision and strategy for their site.

Well, now they do. And so can you!

On-Demand Advanced PPC Master Class With Amy Bishop

As one of  PPC Hero’s Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts, Amy Bishop has built and run multichannel PPC campaigns for ecommerce and lead generation across many verticals and companies of all sizes.

Learn Advanced SEO & PPC in New On-Demand Master Classes

Each segment of Amy’s PPC Master Class is built to cover the essential elements of PPC management and advanced strategies proven to improve return on investment.


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Planning Your PPC Strategy

Advanced Remarketing

Planning Multi-Channel Campaigns

Auditing Campaign Performance

Also included:

  • Case studies with actionable learnings.
  • A 47-page Advanced PPC handout worksheet with templates.
  • Access to key questions and answers on the most essential PPC community topics.
  • 200+ slides of advanced PPC content.

For a more in-depth look at what you will learn, read more here: Supercharge Your PPC: Join Amy Bishop’s eSummit PPC Master Class

According to a live poll conducted just before the Advanced PPC Master Class, 60% of attendees stated that they did not have clearly defined market segments.

Segmentation strategy is a key area that Amy goes into in-depth in her presentations – not just with actionable advice, but also with real-life examples and takeaway templates.

The SEJ eSummit on-demand pass includes more. Much more!

For just $350, you also have access to over 40 SEJ eSummit presentations covering SEO, PPC and Paid Social, Content Strategy and Enterprise SEO.

SEJ eSummit On-Demand video presentations

These presentations include:


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  • Lily Ray from Path Interactive on how 2020 changed the course of SEO in 2021.
  • Martin Splitt from Google on Core Web Vitals.
  • Wil Reynolds from Seer Interactive on using siloed search data to understand your customer.
  • John Shehata from Conde Nast and UpasnaGautam from CNN – Q & A.
  • Jackie Chu from Uber on Scaling SEO for the Enterprise.
  • Jenn Mathews from GitHub on aligning SEO and PPC.

Learn on and succeed!

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