Leaked US secret documents: Suspect remains in custody


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Status: 05/20/2023 01:00 a.m

The suspect in the case of leaked US secret documents remains in custody. The national guard is still a potential threat to national security, a court ruled.

In the case of US intelligence documents leaked online, the suspect remains in custody pending the start of his trial. A federal judge in the US state of Massachusetts granted a corresponding request from the public prosecutor on Friday.

National Guard IT Specialist Jack Teixeira, 21, has been charged with the unauthorized removal, storage and transmission of classified and national defense information.

Teixeira is suspected of having published highly confidential documents from the US secret services and the Pentagon in a closed chat room on the Discord platform. From there they are said to have spread further until authorities and the media became aware of them. Teixeira was arrested in April. If convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison.

The leaked documents contained information on the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, but also details on alleged US spying against partners.

Zelenskyj adviser Danilov contradicts reports. The data leak has no impact on an offensive.

Suspect is said to have continued despite warnings

The public prosecutor also accuses him of having been warned and instructed by his superiors in September and October 2022 not to take any more notes on classified information. The suspect should therefore have been aware when distributing the classified information that he was breaking the law, the argument goes. His behavior is a clear indication that he would not comply with the court’s requirements if he were allowed to leave prison.

The judge had to decide whether temporarily releasing Teixeira could pose a threat to national security. “What the documents available to us at this time show is that the defendant has breached his promise to protect the information and security of the United States and its allies in a high degree,” the US media quoted as saying Judges from the courtroom. It doesn’t seem at all unlikely that a foreign government would make an offer to Teixeira for information.

His defense attorneys had demanded that their client be released. He no longer has access to secret documents and can remain in his father’s care until the trial begins.

After the spread of US secret information, the suspect was brought before a judge for the first time.

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