Late goal against RB Leipzig: Freiburg’s footballers tremble in the DFB Cup final


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Late goal against RB Leipzig
Freiburg’s footballers are trembling in the DFB Cup final

In the women’s DFB Cup final, the 2019 final will be repeated. After a narrow win, SC Freiburg meets VfL Wolfsburg in Berlin. But even at RB Leipzig there is reason to celebrate despite the defeat.

The SC Freiburg Bundesliga soccer team trembled against outsiders RB Leipzig in the DFB Cup final. Freiburg won the hard-fought game in the packed stadium at the RB training ground 1-0 (0-0). In front of 1,800 spectators, Hasret Kayikci scored the winning goal in the 93rd minute.

Leipzig was able to celebrate before the start of the game: FSV Gütersloh’s 2-1 draw against FC Ingolstadt saw the Saxons promoted to the Bundesliga six games before the end of the season. After an initial phase characterized by nervousness, the guests from Freiburg gained the upper hand. First Samantha Steuerwald (24′) headed just wide of the goal after a corner, then Judith Steinert (25′) shot a ball from a distance just over the Leipzig box. Janina Minge (38′) headed a corner kick from Freiburg, where Leipzig’s Lea Mauly cleared it on the line. A follow-up shot by Lisa Karl missed his target.

In the course of the second half, Leipzig fought more into the game. However, the attempt by Medina Desic (74th) missed the long corner. Shortly before the end, Leipzig goalkeeper Elvira Herzog had to be carried off the field on a stretcher by paramedics after a collision with Annabel Schasching. Substitute goalkeeper Gina Schüller took over.

In added time, the Freiburg team managed to score the decisive goal: Kayikci scored a late victory after a cross from Cora Zicai. VfL Wolfsburg are waiting in the final of the DFB Cup on May 18 in Cologne. The Wolfsburg women beat FC Bayern Munich 5-0 without humor.

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