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It’s no secret that password managers drastically improve your online security, by remembering all of your 12-character passwords for you. One of Stuff’s all-time favourite password managers, LastPass, has made some changes to the free tier (arguably its best tier) of its password manager application which may see users pay for previously free-to-access features. 

Come 16 March 2021, the company will limit its free tier to only one device type — like mobile or laptop — according to what you’re after. At this stage, users can access Lastpass across a range of devices without running into a paywall. In a month’s time, you won’t have that luxury. Install it on a phone and LastPass will be limited to only mobile, for example. Apparently ‘mobile’ includes “mobile phones, smartwatches, and tablets.”

The first or LastPass?

Right now, you’ll invest a mere $3 (R45) a month for the app’s Premium offer, while Families costs $4 (R60) a month for up to 6 people. It looks like these prices will live on, and we’ll only see changes in how the packages are structured from mid-March. 

Following the deadline, current LastPass users will have to set their preferred device type during their next login, wherever that may be. If for whatever reason, you’re not keen on the device type you initially opted for, you’ll have up to three opportunities to change it. 

Oh, there’s one more thing you won’t have access to following the big shift: email support. This will become a fully paid-for feature in the premium options, just so you know. 

This news may push you to look into other password managers out there, and for good reason. There are heaps of free options out there, like Apple Keychain and the recently updated Microsoft Authenticator. We also have a list of password managers right here.

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