“Last generation”: “Bring back democracy” – climate activists want “social turning point”


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“Take back democracy” – “Last generation” wants to bring about “social turning point”.

Activists of the

Activists of the “Last Generation” on the A100 in Berlin


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The climate activists of the “last generation” are planning increased actions in Berlin from September to bring about a “social turning point”. Before that, they want to step up their efforts in Bavaria and start a campaign against the “super-rich”.

Dhe climate activists of the “last generation” want to bring about the “social turning point” from September 13, 2023. This emerges from an internal paper that is available to WELT and outlines a “plan for 2023” that includes a timeline and announces several planned actions. The paper was sent to subscribers via messenger groups. A campaign against the “super-rich” is planned from June 5th, which is to be followed by increased campaigns in Bavaria in August.

The “Last Generation” is planning the culmination of their campaigns for September 13th. Then she wants to concentrate her actions in the federal capital and flock to Berlin for a “social turning point”. One will not be dissuaded from standing up for “life and real democracy, come what may”. It goes on to say: “Society is rising. We’re taking back democracy.”

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The movement relates its plan to its own desired board of directors. This is “that democracy” that “is in the starting blocks and just waiting to be lived”, which has the potential “to lead us out of the death spiral”. So it should be clear to the “whole country”: “We’ll go over the cliff if we don’t rebel together.”

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Actions in Bavaria and against “super rich”

From June 5th, the movement also wants to launch a campaign against the “super-rich”. This is directed against the “symbols of modern wealth” that are “intended to draw national attention to the reckless waste of the rich”. The movement is again criticizing the federal government, which says it “still has the back of the rich”. “We won’t let her get away with that,” writes the “Last Generation”.

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Action of the

“Last Generation” attack

Following this campaign, the movement wants to go there from August 7, “where the repression and the clinging to the ‘continue as before’ is particularly strong: Bavaria.” precede”. She is referring to the 30 activists of the movement who were arrested at the same time in autumn 2022. “Last November there was a massive wave of solidarity from the population in response to the almost 30 arrests in Munich (…). What will we trigger when we are three times as many this summer?”

Climate activists block streets in Berlin

On Monday, the activists again blocked traffic on several Berlin streets. Disruptions occurred particularly on the city freeway. Several climate protection activists took part in a blockade action at the Hohenzollerndamm exit in Berlin-Charlottenburg. A spokesman for the Berlin police told the German Press Agency that several vehicles were used to block the road. “At the same time, several people stuck themselves to vehicles, the roadway and each other.” Across Berlin, 250 police officers were deployed in connection with the blockade actions.

According to a dpa photographer, there was slow-moving or even stationary traffic in both directions on the city highway at Hohenzollerndamm. The police have not yet been able to provide any information on the effects of the blockade actions. According to the police, there were blockades at almost a dozen different places in the city, including Dominicusstrasse/corner of Ebertstrasse in Schöneberg, Tempelhofer Damm/corner of Paradestrasse in Tempelhof and Danziger Strasse/corner of Prenzlauer Allee in Prenzlauer Berg.

Wegner wants to “liberate Berlin from being held hostage by these chaotic people”

Meanwhile, Berlin’s Governing Mayor Kai Wegner (CDU) is having a legal check to what extent the activists can be asked to pay for the damage they cause. “I have the firm will to free Berlin from being held hostage by these chaotic people,” Wegner told the “Bild am Sonntag”.

In addition, Berlin’s new justice senator Felor Badenberg (independent) checks whether the “last generation” is a criminal organization. The life and everyday life of people in Berlin are significantly affected and sometimes endangered by the activities of the climate demonstrators, Badenberg told the German Press Agency on Saturday. “It is therefore important to exhaust all legal options, and this also includes the question of whether the ‘last generation’ is a ‘criminal organization’.”

In the neighboring state of Brandenburg, investigations are underway against the climate group on suspicion of forming a criminal organization. The background to the proceedings at the Neuruppin public prosecutor’s office is, among other things, attacks by activists on the PCK Schwedt refinery since April 2022. The Potsdam Regional Court recently also saw an initial suspicion that the Last Generation could be a criminal organization. However, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office had not seen any evidence of this so far.

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Harald Martenstein

The police union (GdP) welcomed the initiative of the justice senator. “As far as we know, we are dealing with a hierarchically organized criminal organization that has been committing crimes in the capital for more than a year and has become even more militant in guerrilla actions in recent weeks,” said GdP spokesman Benjamin Jendro Monday.

“Slowly but surely, you should seriously think about whether someone who has repeatedly demonstrated that they knowingly endanger people on the road should still be behind the wheel at all,” Jendro said. “Withdrawing a driver’s license would be a legal measure and would even affect those who hypocritically claim to be fighting for climate protection.”

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