Israeli military operation: Six Palestinians killed in Jenin


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Status: 07.03.2023 21:23

Six Palestinians were killed during an Israeli military operation in the West Bank – apparently including the assassin who is said to have shot two Israelis in Huwara. According to Israel, the soldiers were shot at as they attempted to arrest him.

Israeli soldiers have killed at least six people in a renewed military operation in Jenin in the West Bank. The Palestinian Ministry of Health said all suffered fatal gunshot wounds. Eleven Palestinians were also injured, and two 16-year-old youths were in mortal danger. The dead were said to be between 22 and 49 years old.

Huwara assassin apparently killed

According to the Israeli army, the Palestinian allegedly responsible for the deadly attack on two Israeli brothers in Huwara in late February was also killed. The security forces “eliminated the heinous terrorist,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to his office. “As I have always said: whoever harms us will pay the price.”

Soldiers came under fire and were attacked with bricks and explosives while attempting to arrest the 49-year-old in the Jenin refugee camp, Israeli military spokesmen said. The soldiers fired back. A spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of waging a war against the Palestinians. At the same time, it thwarts attempts to restore stability.

Clashes after assassination

A Palestinian was in the city on February 26, according to Israeli sources role model shot dead two brothers from the Israeli settlement of Har Bracha and then fled. After the attack, hundreds of settlers attacked the city and its Palestinian residents, setting houses and cars on fire. One person was shot. On Monday evening, Israeli settlers clashed again with Palestinians in Huwara.

During a site visit to Huwara on Friday, representatives of the EU and other countries called for an end to the violence in the occupied Palestinian territories and called on Israel, as the occupying power, to take responsibility for the well-being of the civilian population.

Since the beginning of the year, 71 Palestinians have died – they were killed, for example, in confrontations with the Israeli army or in their own attacks. During the same period, 13 Israelis and one Ukrainian were killed in Palestinian attacks. The situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories has been very tense for years. Israel conquered the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1967. More than 600,000 Israeli settlers live there today. The Palestinians claim the territories for their own state.

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