Is PubG banned by Indian Government?

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On September 2nd, 2020 (Tuesday), the ministry of information and technology banned 118 mobile applications including both PubG Mobile and PubG lite. The PubG Ban in India took the youngster to storm.

The ministry of information and technology, also banned 59 Chinese apps earlier this year including Tik Tok and Tik Tok lite, when the clash at Galwan Valley took place between Indian and Chinese troops.

According to an official statement, a total of 118 mobile apps have been banned including Baidu, Baidu Express Edition, Tencent Watchlist, FaceU, WeChat Reading, and Tencent Weiyun, besides PUBG Mobile.


Why India banned PubG?

A rumor was spreading for a long time that the government can ban PubG. But today, on the 2nd of September an official statement came stating that the government has decided to ban PubG along with 117 other Chinese apps.

The main reason for which India banned PubG are:

  • The operations of PubG in India were carried out by Tencent, which is a Chinese tech giant. So it was high privacy threat for India and the government might have banned it due to privacy concerns
  • Another clash at Pangong Tso lake took place between India and China on 31st It can be seen as an aggressive step from the Indian site
  • Indian Government might be wanted to hurt the Chinese economy as PubG holds its largest stake in the Indian market and it also earned highest revenues from Indian markets

Is PubG lite also banned in India?

The official statement stating that  118 Chinese apps have been banned in India including PubG mobile, also states that PubG lite is also banned in India. Both of these apps were operated by Tencent in India and due to privacy concerns, the government might have banned both PubG mobile and PubG lite in India.

What are the alternates of PubG?

The ministry of information and technology banned 118 Chinese apps including PubG. PubG had a very big market in India and had a lot of users in India. It was also one of the most downloaded games on google play store with over 100M+ downloads.

As now PubG is banned in India then its users might switch to other apps. Or want to know the ways to Play PubG in India after Ban.

There are many other alternatives to PubG in the market.

Some of the few alternatives are:

  • Free fire
  • Call of Duty
  • DayZ Battle Royale
  • Rust Battle Royal

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