iPhones With 2nm Chipset Might Arrive In 2024


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Apple’s current A-series chipsets are built on the 5nm process, but things could improve rather drastically in 2024 because TSMC has been given the greenlight to build a new factory that is dedicated to producing 2nm chipsets. Given that Apple is one of TSMC’s biggest customers, there is no doubt that this new factory will benefit Apple as well.

This is according to a report from Nikkei that claims that based on the timeline, TSMC will have the equipment installed and tested in 2023 before kicking off production. Assuming it all goes according to plan and there are no setbacks, the factory should be up and running in time for the 2024 iPhones, which will probably be the iPhone 16, or whatever Apple plans to call it then.

For most end-users, this might seem rather technical but there are benefits to the 2nm process that will have an impact on how the phone performs. This is because the smaller the process, the more efficient the chipset will be. This could lead to greater performance as well as battery life, all of which can be felt by the end-user.

This is a good thing and even if you’re not that technically inclined, a smartphone that runs faster, uses less energy, and generates less heat is clearly a good thing to have.

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