iPhone 14 Pro Max cameras are “grinding” and “vibrating” and Apple plans to fix it –


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A new wave of iPhones is around the corner, set to release on 23 September in South Africa. The U.S already has its hand on the range of iPhones, which include the standard 14 and 14 Pro lineups. Some users of the Pro Max model have reported grinding and vibrating noises while taking pictures. The issue causes blurry images and, in a few cases, can damage the internal hardware.

Apple is aware of the complaints and is releasing a fix next week to counter them.  

Not our problem (yet)

The issue doesn’t seem to affect the in-house camera app, only affecting the camera when used on third-party apps such as TikTok or Snapchat.  

Apple hasn’t provided a reason for why the hardware is failing, though guesses can be made. According to ArsTechnica, the failures are probably caused by the camera’s optical image stabilization gyroscope. When working correctly, the gyroscope counteracts the holder’s shaky hands, allowing for pictures to be taken with better light.

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In this case, something has stopped the gyroscope from functioning properly, which could damage the camera’s hardware if used for too long. Until Apple releases a fix, try and avoid using the camera in third-party apps entirely. Where you can, try to use the standard camera app and upload the pictures to the app afterward. 

And that goes for us in South Africa too. The iPhone 14 releases in SA later this week, on 23 September. Hopefully the fix is out by then, but if it’s not…

Source: Ars Technica 

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