iPhone 14 Could See An Improvement To Battery Life With New 5G Chips


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Just because two phones support 5G doesn’t necessarily mean that they are equal. We expect that will become a bit more obvious with the iPhone 14. This is according to a report from the Economic Daily News who claims that Apple will be turning to TSMC to manufacture the 5G RF chips for its upcoming iPhone 14 series.

So why is this a big deal? This is because thanks to TSMC’s manufacturing process, they will be able to make a 5G RF chip using the 6nm process. This in turn will result in a chip that’s more efficient and smaller.

Using a smaller process basically decreases the distance signals have to travel, and a shorter travel distance makes a chip more efficient. This is the same concept applied to the main chipsets powering our smartphones and tablets. Plus, having a chip that’s smaller physically could also in theory allow Apple to fit a bigger battery into the phone.

In addition to theoretically being more energy efficient, the new 5G RF chip that will make its way into the iPhone 14 will also reportedly support WiFi 6E. Of course, you will need to have a compatible router to really take advantage of this, but assuming you do, then these are some of the battery improvements you can look forward to in the iPhone 14.

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