iPhone 13 MagSafe cases could make Apple’s next smartphone a performance beast


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The iPhone 12 line has just come out with neat MagSafe applications like iPhone 12 cases, wallets, and wireless chargers – but in the future, a clip-on accessory could intelligently chill your Apple smartphone – maybe the iPhone 13 – while it heats up to boost processing power.

That’s according to a patent newly-granted to Apple, which describes a case that magnetically secures to a phone and acts as a cooling layer that siphons away heat. When the phone detects the case – either by sensing the magnetic field or, in other versions, via RFID or NFC signal – the handset allows itself to heat up, presumably beyond normal tolerances. 

In essence, the case could act as an external cooling layer for a purposely overheated phone. Neat! 

Apple MagSafe patent

(Image credit: Apple / USPTO)

Obviously, this is just a patent, with plenty of variations on how it could work and no certainty that Apple will integrate this into a future case, let alone in a planned sequence to allow iPhones to outsource cooling to an external covering. It’s not only risky, it’s out-of-character for Apple, which long ago coalesced a product philosophy of self-contained, untweakable devices.

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