iPhone 13 Could Use An Optical In-Display Touch ID Sensor


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There have been multiple rumors suggesting that Apple could be looking to bring Touch ID back. Apparently part of the reason is due to the pandemic where we are all wearing face masks, which means that using Face ID has become rather troublesome as it obviously cannot see through our masks.

That being said, some of the rumors suggested that Apple could turn to ultrasonic fingerprint  scanners, which is what some other handset makers have used, but now a new report from The Wall Street Journal is claiming different. The report does corroborate the other rumors about Touch ID making a return, but it claims that Apple will apparently use an optical fingerprint sensor instead of an ultrasonic one.

According to the report, it cites a former Apple employee who claimed that Apple is exploring the use of optical sensors over ultrasonic ones, believing that optical sensors are apparently more reliable than ultrasonic. The report goes on to add that regardless of whichever method Apple goes with, it will need to meet the current security standards of Touch ID used on older iPhones, iPads, and also the MacBook.

Giving users options isn’t a bad thing as we’re sure that there might be some who prefer using Touch ID over Face ID, but whether or not it will debut in the iPhone 13 remains to be seen.

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