iPhone 13 Could See More Models Adopt mmWave 5G Technology


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In case you weren’t aware, not all 5G is equal. This is because depending on the antennas in your smartphone, you might be connected to either mmWave 5G or sub-6GHz 5G. The former offers faster speeds compared to sub-6GHz, but have a shorter range, while the latter offers wider coverage but at the cost of speed.

The iPhone 12 currently supports both 5G connectivity options if you live in the US, but for non-US markets, it’s sold with the sub-6GHz antenna. This isn’t really an issue given that 5G isn’t widely available worldwide yet, but the good news for those who are planning on buying an iPhone 13 is that Apple is expected to include mmWave 5G antennas in more of its iPhone 13 models this year.

This is according to a report from Patently Apple who cites a supply chain report in which a Taiwanese company, Qiqi, is in the process of receiving a large order for mmWave antennas which will apparently be going into the iPhone 13. The report also goes on to add that Apple is working with various telecom companies around the world where they hope to expand mmWave iPhones over the next few years.

That being said, sub-6GHz speeds are still faster compared to LTE, so it’s not as if customers will be losing out, so that’s still worth noting anyway. Plus the wider coverage means you’ll be getting a more consistent connection, which is a good thing.

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