iPhone 12’s LiDAR Scanner Can Measure A Person’s Height


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In recent years as Apple’s iPhones gained more augmented reality features, Apple also developed an app called Measure that allowed users to measure the dimensions of an object, like a table, a cabinet, and so on. However, thanks to the implementation of the LiDAR scanner in the iPhone 12 Pro series, it can now be used to measure a person’s height.

Now we know that it might be a somewhat novel feature, but it is also rather nifty. The new feature has been baked into the Measure app so all users need to do is point their phone’s camera at the person and the app will use the LiDAR scanner to measure the person’s height, whether they are seated or standing.

It seems that the app will actually be able to tell when a person is in the viewfinder of the camera, and it will also be able to detect things like the top of a person’s head, hair, or hat, right down to their feet. Users can also take a photo with the measurements and send it to the other person in case they want it.

This feature seems to be exclusive to the iPhone 12 Pro models, which includes the recently released iPhone 12 Pro and the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max which is scheduled for November. It will also be available to 2020 iPad Pro owners in which the LiDAR scanner was first introduced to Apple’s products.

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