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IOS 16 Beta Version

iPhone is known for its design and features. it is completely different from Android phones. Now Apple has released a new IOS 16 Beta with tons of new features. Here is the complete information about IOS 16 developer beta.

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Now the first thing that comes to mind is which iPhones will get IOS 16 updates if you have an old version iPhone. So obviously you will not get this update on your phones. If you want to experience this update so you also have to change your phone with the new model. Here are the lists of iPhones which are compatible with IOS 16.

•    iPhone 13

•    iPhone 13 mini

•    iPhone 13 pro

•    iPhone 13 Pro Max

•    iPhone 12

•    iPhone 12 mini

•    iPhone 12 Pro

•    iPhone 12 Pro Max

•    iPhone 11

•    iPhone 11 Pro

•    iPhone 11 Pro Max

•    iPhone XS

•    iPhone XS Max

•    iPhone XR

•    iPhone X

•    iPhone 8

•    iPhone 8 Plus

•    iPhone SE (2nd generation and later)

How to install IOS 16 Developer Beta

If you want to install IOS 16 Developer Beta version on your apple device. You must have a developer account with Apple. You can also install IOS beta 16 on your iPhone by connecting your device to iTunes.

  1. Visit
  2. Tab on the “Discover” button
  3. Tab on the click-operated system buttons on the screen
  4. Click Download
  5. Log into your developer account
  6. Tap to the IOS 16 and download it
  7. Click setting and Click Profile Downloaded
  8.  Click Install and restart your iPhone

Reviews of IOS 16 Beta Developer Version

  1. Positive
  • The most popular feature is that you can customize the lock screen with many widgets and live wallpapers like emoji, peoples, and astronomy wallpapers options.
  • Notifications can be accessed from the bottom of the screen and you can hide notifications on the lock screen also.
  • Messages are also can be undone and edit on IOS 16. suppose you send messages to anyone and it’s wrong or sent by mistake so you can undo it or edit it.
  • If you want a vibration while you typing apple gives you this option of Keyboard haptics in IOS 16.
  •  You will get the find & replace option in notes.
  • You will get the text copy feature from videos and images in IOS 16 update
  • If your kids ask for your phone and you don’t want to share your private things with them. You can create a separate window in this update.
  • You can also remove background from videos and images after this update
  • Negative
  • If you install this IOS 16 update you will face a battery drain problem with some apps. Apple will fix these bugs in its upcoming updates.
  • Banking apps are not working properly in this update maybe Apple will fix it soon.

Should you update to IOS 16

Overall the performance of IOS 16 is pretty amazing and people. Who like updates and want to experience some new features so they can update to it. Apple will fix many bugs in the previous update which people faced.

Stable version IOS 16

Apple releases its update with a new product, now with the release of the iPhone 14 in September, Apple will release its IOS 16 public version.

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