iOS 15.4 Will Come With A Trade-In Tool That Scans Your iPhone’s Cosmetic Details


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When it comes to trading in your old smartphone for a new one, even if you’re trading in the previous-gen model, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the best price possible. This is because how much a phone is worth will depend on the condition that it is in, so a phone with a broken screen and a ton of scratches won’t be worth as much as one that is in near-pristine condition.

To help Apple make the checking process easier, it seems that in iOS 15.4, Apple has introduced a new Trade-In Tool that basically uses your iPhone’s camera to scan the cosmetic details of the iPhone you’re trying to trade-in, where it will try to detect any imperfections your iPhone might have.

This data is then sent to Apple where they can then assess how much they are willing to pay you for your iPhone, or if your iPhone is even eligible for trade-in to begin with. The idea is that this will help to make the whole process a lot faster for both customers and Apple, although we’re not sure if value users are offered will differ once Apple receives the actual iPhone and if the damages are more pronounced that what was scanned.

9to5Mac also speculates that the scanning technology built into the Trade-In Tool could also be used to potentially detect genuine components, especially with the company’s self repair program is getting ready to be launched.

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