Instagram is also testing a Notes feature, but it’s not the same as Twitter’s version


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Instagram is working on a new update that allows users to post brief announcements on their profiles. The feature, called Notes, enables disappearing short messages under user profiles.

Instagram Notes

According to TechCrunch, Instagram’s Notes can be shared with a list of Close Friends or mutual followers. In other words, followers who also follow you. Instagram is currently testing its new Notes feature with a limited set of users.

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When users post Notes, followers can see the messages for a short period of time. There’s no notification that an update has been made, however, making it a little like WhatsApp’s status updated. As with WhatsApp’s feature, Notes disappear after 24 hours. Users can also reply to Notes via messages. These replies may be up to 60 characters in length.

Sounds familiar?

Twitter also has a new feature called Notes. It’s not really similar to Instagram’s tool, at all. Twitter’s feature allows users to post long-format content, whereas Instagram’s Notes works more like Snapchat or (as noted) WhatsApp’s disappearing messages. It’s sort of like an Instagram Story. But a written one. So just a story, then.

“We’re always working on ways to help you better connect on Instagram. We’re now testing Notes so people can quickly share thoughts with their friends, with a small group of people to star,” a Meta spokesperson told TechCrunch.

As for when it’ll launch to everyone, that’s still a mystery. We’re sure Meta will drop it just as soon as the company is sure it won’t break everything if they do.

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