I’m running across the entirety of America, and I can’t do it without technology


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Date written: 02/03/21
Days in: 4
Current location: Chicago, IL
Distance traveled: 19.94 miles
Distance left: 2251.51 miles
Current tracker: Honor Watch GS Pro

In the mid-20th century, countless people travelled down US Route 66, travelling from east to west in pursuit of new fortunes. And almost exactly 95 years after the route number was designated, I’m stepping foot upon the road too, albeit in a very different way.

I won’t give you a full history lesson here, but for the uninitiated, Route 66 started in Chicago, and travelled through eight states to end in Los Angeles nearly 4,000km or 2,500 miles down the road – it was most used during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression, by people seeking their fortunes out west. It was in use from 1926 to 1985, but you can’t physically travel the entirety of the road any more, as many segments have been closed – I’m not travelling the thing physically, though.

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