“I pray for him every night”: Jamie Foxx should always be better


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“I pray for him every night”
Jamie Foxx is said to be getting better and better

“Medical complications” – this is the reason why Hollywood star Jamie Foxx is being treated in a hospital. What exactly is behind this is still unclear. In any case, the 55-year-old’s recovery should continue to make progress, as his friend Martin Lawrence now explains.

Whatever Jamie Foxx’s ailment, it appears he’s still on the mend. This has now been revealed by fellow actor Martin Lawrence, who is considered his close friend, albeit second-hand. “I heard he’s doing better,” the “Bad Boys” star told Extra. It had previously been said several times that Foxx’s health was improving.

Martin Lawrence spoke about Foxx when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Foxx had been hospitalized for the past week. According to his daughter, the 55-year-old had “medical complications”.

“I pray for him every night and wish him the best because he’s one of the best we have in Hollywood,” Lawrence continued. “Not only one of the best entertainers, but also a good person”. The interview took place on the sidelines of a ceremony unveiling a star for Lawrence on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Fight with Cameron Diaz?

Since April 11, fans and the film world have been concerned about Jamie Foxx. The star was rushed to a hospital in Atlanta following a health incident. His family quickly gave the all-clear. What exactly the “medical complications” were about, however, is still unknown.

According to a CNN report, doctors at the clinic ran various tests to find out what caused his condition. Rumors that Foxx had been taken to the clinic by ambulance were rejected by an informant at the station. Also, the Oscar winner did not collapse on the set, as was first rumored.

Jamie Foxx is filming Back in Action in Atlanta. Appropriately for the title, it is Cameron Diaz’s screen comeback after a long break. Rumor has it that there was a falling out between the stars on set shortly before Foxx’s alleged collapse.

While Foxx was in hospital, filming continued with a body double for the Hollywood star. The actor is said to have eight more days of shooting ahead of him.

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