Hybrid business/gaming laptops are the future – and I’m all for it


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The dust from CES 2021 is starting to settle, and while the event was an almost entirely digital affair this year due to the ongoing pandemic, that didn’t mean we missed out on the hype when getting virtually blasted with all the exciting releases for laptops.

The biggest announcements in the world of computing were the reveal of Nvidia’s new line of laptop Graphics Processing Units, and AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 5000 mobile processors, though Intel still came out swinging with its 11th generation Tiger Lake-H35 processors that featured in some of the slimmest gaming laptops seen at the event.

A growing theme over the last few years has been sleek, minimalist gaming laptops that don’t give away their hard-working interior quite like the older generation of portable gaming hardware. A lot of this is obviously down to the evolution of technology over time, allowing more efficient cooling and ventilation without having to design a laptop that looks like it’s an Autobot waiting to transform into an F15.

I’d argue that this isn’t just down to style choice though. Yes, it’s fantastic to have a gaming laptop that doesn’t feel like it’s heavy enough use as a dumbbell when I’ve misplaced mine, but with all that room being saved, you’d think the RGB-encrusted trends from current desktop PC’s would bleed more into these new laptop designs.

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