How to watch US Presidential Election: live stream Election Day 2020 anywhere today


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The debates are done and dusted, the final rallying cries issued, and millions of votes already cast – today, America decides. To see how it all unfolds, you can follow our unbiased guide for full details of how to watch the US Presidential election online and get an Election Day 2020 live stream today – catch state-by-state Biden vs Trump results right here live this Tuesday as soon as they roll in.

Watch 2020 US Presidential Election

Election Day 2020 takes place today (Tuesday, November 3). Expect both domestic and international coverage of the US Presidential election to be all-encompassing over the next 24 hours and possibly beyond – you’ll find little else being talked about, no matter how hard you try. Full TV and live streaming details can be found below and you can watch your preferred channel or commentary from anywhere with the help of a VPN.

Tonight we find out if Democratic challenger Joe Biden can win the keys to the White House – or if Republican incumbent President Donald Trump will serve a second-term in office. After months of campaigning and political sparring, the US Presidential election is finally here.

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