How to watch SNL live: stream Saturday Night Live 2021 online from anywhere


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Yes, this may be the age of doom and gloom, but on the bright side keeping up with current affairs has rarely been so exciting. Here to lend an uplifting hand through the bad times and the worse is Saturday Night Live, still the biggest and slickest satirical sketch show TV has to offer, nearly half a century after it first graced our screens. Live from New York, it’s Saturday night! Read on as we detail how to watch SNL online and stream Saturday Night Live from anywhere – including for free in some places.

Now in its 46th season, SNL has been the making of countless comedy acts and iconic characters through the decades, from Wayne’s World, to Eddie Murphy’s unforgettable Mister Robinson, Blues Brothers, Chris Farley’s extraordinarily demotivational Matt Foley, and of course the mind-boggling elasticity of Jim Carrey’s neck at the Roxbury.

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