How to watch Marcella season 3 online: stream every new episode from anywhere


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Nearly three years after the head-spinning conclusion of its second series, Anna Friel is back on our screens for Marcella season 3 – and all is not as it seems. Detective Backland has infiltrated the fearsome and well-connected Maguire crime family in Belfast, and a dangerous game gets out of hand as she struggles to separate her true self from her undercover identity, while putting those around her in mortal danger. Here’s how to watch Marcella season 3 online from anywhere.

She’s managed to work her way into the Maguire family’s inner circle as Keira Devlin, but in order to bring down the business – which specialises in the trafficking of people and drugs – and expose the corruption that has allowed it to thrive, Marcella decides she needs to take increasingly drastic measures.

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