How Can I Start A Proxy Business? Things You Need To Know


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People are investing in proxies more today because they won’t want to show their real identity. Sometimes the user might not be able to get access to a specific website of a specific country or city. In this situation, only a proxy would work for them. Yes, not any proxy but a residential proxy.

People who provide residential proxies doubtlessly earn a good amount of money at the end of the day. You can also start providing residential proxies and make money. Starting a residential proxy network is not daunting the way it sounds to many people. 

If you work 9 to 5 in an office, but you don’t earn enough to fulfill your life requirements, you can start this business. There is a great possibility that this side business might become the main and bigger system of your income within no time. After that, you can expand to Youtube also through some YouTube way to Grow Your Business, then on other social media too for social presence.

How To Start A Proxy Company?

So, if you have made up your mind about starting a proxy company and would like to start with residential proxies, then it is quite a simple business to start with. You don’t have to worry that how you will be able to start online services for business. Here are the three steps, follow them, and you will start your own proxy company:

1. First, You Will Need An IPs Source

If you don’t want to get into deep details and would like to start your proxy business within no time, it would be best to get connected with the existing residential proxy company. Yes, instead of creating your own network when you become a part of any existing proxy company, you won’t need time to start this business.

So, first, you should start looking for a source where you can get your IPs to sell them further to your customers. You will buy IPs from that company at a cheaper rate and then sell them at your desired rate further to the audience. So this would work best for you and after using maximum AI for cyber security make your proxy business more secure. Now you will have to look for a reasonable and already established company that has secure document authentication.

Once you find the company, you need to discuss your business intentions with them. Following are the few questions that the company people might ask you before they allow you to get connected with their company:

  1. What knowledge do you have about the market?
  2. How will be targeted audience be?
  3. How much traffic will your business consume every month?
  4. Which country will you be targeting?

If you successfully answer all the questions with facts and the company people get satisfied with your answers, they will offer you a rate per gigabyte. The rate per gigabyte depends on how much traffic you want. Be aware the price will be higher than the one you asked for. Hence, find the best web design company & change your Twitter username to start your proxy business with a new identity for users’ convenience.

2. API Setup

Once you are done with getting in contact with a residential proxy company and locking a deal now, it is time to set an API. Yes, the company will give you access to an API. Basically, an API is a library where you will be able to manage the requests of multiple users that want to buy a proxy for you. It would help you to run your business more efficiently. Following are the features of the API library:

  • Create and delete users
  • Allocate and subtract data from users

With the help of an API, you will create a user-friendly website. You will be able to facilitate your audience in a better way. You can also add a bot that will be an extra hand in managing your clientele.

3. Hit Your Targeted Audience

So now you are done with setting up your API library and website, it is time to sell your business. Yes, finally, it is time for a hard job. Now you need to find your clients. You will get a certain amount of data from the residential proxy company every month. You will have an already established social media presence due to being a part of the already existing proxy company.

You can be a part of different forums where you can do the marketing of your newly started proxy business. Start SEO for your website and share content related to your services & get the importance of websites. The competitor’s research your business will start getting famous. You will be able to stand out in the crowd.

Final Remarks

Now you might have understood how residential proxy business will be able to benefit you in different ways. Once your proxy business gets popular and people start buying residential proxies from you, you will be able to make a good amount of profit. Simply pay attention to the steps we have discussed above. They would help you to set up your own residential proxy business.

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