How to save clinical hours with an appointment booking system?

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Medical record keeping is a very tough task nowadays, and during the pandemic, the daily patient list is engaging very high. So it is a tough task for doctors to keep the data management up to the mark. As traditionally if we remember the clinical processes, it is totally based on pen and paper. After 10 years, if doctors search for the files inside the clinic, then it would be a tacky task. So to ensure, the proper methods and data management doctors have come up with much technological use.


 Why is the appointment booking system important?


The answer is the situation of the pandemic. I remember the time of the pandemic where people were very afraid of going out and waiting for the doctors’ consultation. For that reason, even people were avoiding doctor visits. Even if they feel that it was necessary then too. Starting with understanding, What is an appointment booking system? How will it save clinical time? It is the system that is known for the appointment of the patients in the clinics.

clinical appointment booking system

Doctors and healthcare providers come up with the idea of solving the patient’s problems right from the ground level. Well according to the local surveys and reports it was stated that patients are frustrated more in taking the appointment of the doctors and the waiting time makes them feel worse.


To overcome the waiting issues, frustrations and a long queue, healthcare providers are come up with the new idea of appointment booking systems for clinics. It can be done in three ways: If the appointment system is integrated with the queue management system then it organizes a strong system to bring the online patient to the flowing In-person visit.


The next question the readers may have is How can customers actually book the appointment?


It is a very simple process, the patient will book the appointment via online, web calling and ensure every detail of the individual. The system asks the preferred time, which doctor consultation does the patient want? and a particular reason.


The unit ticket is automatically generated by the device. The appointment booking system also helps in social distancing because it will definitely avoid the crowding because the patients will know their turn and the ensure to visit the doctor’s place at that time only. This leads to less traffic in the waiting room of the doctor’s house and also helps in maintaining the regulations during the pandemic time. What are the things to ensure the investment in the appointment booking system?


  • Internet booking
  • Mobile booking
  • Call center user face booking


 What are the benefits of the Appointment booking system?


From the past years, if we see the market of medical scheduling grow at 12.7%. The healthcare providers are willing to pay for that in order to provide better care and nurture the patient’s satisfaction. The system will help patients to manage the appointments at their patient convenience.

benefits of the Appointment booking system

  • Lowers the waiting time for patient


It lowers the patient waiting time, by generating the message on both the ends, doctor and the patient both to check the availability of the appointment. Well, it also provides a competitive platform to the doctors because patients will approach the clinics who instantly book appointments and straight away they can go and visit the doctor.


  • Reducing the cost or Cost-efficient


Basically, for the healthcare and for treatments or consultations, patients are looking forward to the cost-benefit also, while using the scheduling app it will remind the patient that he/she has an appointment with this doctor at a particular time. It also provides the option to cancel the appointment, if the person has some immediate cause and will not be able to come then.  If any appointment gets cancelled then it will immediately open the slot for the next appointment.


The system also generates notifications that inform the patients about the new slot opening. It also provides the tentative time of slots to the patients.


  • Doctor’s are accessible anytime


As we go through the uses, we know that if some person will deny the scheduled appointment; then immediately the other who is seeking will immediately access the vacant slot.


  • Patient’s gratification


Patients’ satisfaction is the most important key, by the appointment scheduling system. The patient will immediately access the patient and the system will provide E-prescriptions to avoid the virus infusion. The patient can pay online for the purchase and can clearly appreciate the healthcare providers for their achievement.


Main features of the patient’s app version:


  • Doctor’s records:


The doctor listing has found the doctors of similar fields, this application will authenticate the degrees and license & certificates. In the application itself, it provides all the major information so that the patient does not have to seek here and there to clarify whether the doctor has an authenticated degree or not.


  • Patient’s depicts:


It’s not only the information of doctors that needs to be uploaded but the patient’s information is also there which gets uploaded. The information it carries is the electronic health record (EHR), several reports of examinations, and some important facts of the patient related to allergies and diseases.


  • Notifications:


All the updates and notifications make the alert about the appointments, scheduling slots, and the availability of the doctors. It also reminds you when your slots are about to come. Payment notification, feedback /follow-up notification is there.


Main features of doctor’s application version:


Doctor’s records:


Doctors’ records would contain all the authenticated information of the doctor, the number of doctors enrolled in the platform and the doctor’s scheduled appointment. 


Patient’s datasets:


The database should include the information related to all the patients in the particular domain, the data like the reports, lab history, medications history, allergies, and the flaws of the medicines.


For what system can be used?


  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Business entrepreneurs
  • Pharmacy store
  • Medical labs to collect the hard copies.





An appointment booking system is very useful to save clinical hours and to maintain a healthy environment by providing social distancing. This system will nurture satisfaction on both the ends of demand and supply. An appointment booking system for clinics is a new achievement in the field of healthcare.

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