How To Fix Up The Chromecast On Android In 2022

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Chromecasts have become one of the important parts of the entertainment system. It helps to enhance the experience and provide streaming opportunities from different platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and others. Not only that, you will be able to cast the smartphone browser to the big screen as well. However, all of these benefits are only useful when the Chromecast is working perfectly.

How to fix up the chromecast on android

In case it is not working perfectly, your entertainment experience might get ruined. So, you need to make sure that you know how to fix the Chromecast when it is not working. No one wants to be embarrassed in front of friends when watching movies or shows. Here are some of the fixes that you can try to get your Chromecast working again.

Popular Methods To Fix Your Chromecast 

There are plenty of fixes available that you can try to make your Chromecast working again. While most users know how to disable Chromecast on Android, they are still unaware of the fixing methods. Here are some of them given below in detail.

1. Check The WiFi Connection 

Most of the time, Chromecast does not work due to the weak connection of the WiFi. So, if your Chromecast is not working, then make sure to check the connection. If the connection is available, unplug the router and keep it disconnected for a while before plugging it again.


Once the router is back online, recheck the connection and try to turn on your Chromecast. Also, try changing the position of your Chromecast. Not getting enough signal from the router can cause this issue as well. If the problem is still there, then you need to try these other fixes.

2. Restart The Device 

This is the most common fix for most of the different devices. Restarting the device helps to run the processes again that can help to fix the issue. To restart Chromecast, unplug the device and plug it back in again after some time.


Let it set up a bit before connecting to your device. You will be surprised to know how often this method works and fixes the issue. Here are some other fixes that you can try if your Chromecast is still not working.

3. Factory Reset Your Chromecast 


If any of the above methods are not working to fix your issue, you can perform a factory reset on the Chromecast device. Unlike mobile devices, you do not have to worry about losing all the data while performing a factory reset. However, you will need to set up the Chromecast back again from scratch.


To perform a factory reset, you need to hold the button at the back without unplugging the device. Hold the button for 25 seconds, and the reset process will begin. You can confirm the reset process has begun by looking at the TV screen. Once the factory reset is finished, you can start the setup.


To rule out any device-related issue, try to use a different device when setting it up for the first time. Factory reset is also a common solution for android process acore issue.

4. Update The Chrome Browser  

If you use your computer to cast, then one of the common causes of this issue might be the backdated; your, Chrome version. So, you need to make sure that your Chrome is updated when facing this issue. Try to check if there is a new version of Chrome available that you can update.


Having backdated Chrome can cause interruptions during Chromecast or prevent the button from appearing. Here are the steps that you need to follow to update Google Chrome.


  • First, open the chrome browser from the computer.
  • Then, click on the “More” icon that is situated on the top right corner of the screen.
  • If the version is backdated, then you will get an option “Update Google Chrome.”
  • Click on it to update Google Chrome and relaunch to use the latest version.

Also, you need to find out what is Google Chrome Helper to find out what causes Chrome to slow down and cause the issues. Google Chrome Helper can interrupt the function of Chromecast and make it slow down.


These are some of the most common and popular methods that you can try to fix your Chromecast. Most probably, one of them will surely help you to resolve the issue. Make sure to go through the steps and other details to enhance the watching experience again. If any of these methods help fix the issues and make the device work again, then make sure to share it with others.




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