How to Boost Online Sales with Wholesale for WooCommerce?


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Are you looking to boost online sales with Wholesale for WooCommerce? Setting up an online wholesale system requires an eCommerce store. There are versatile reasons to consider before delving into the adoption of a wholesale Woocommerce store. Initially, you need to enable prospective customers to reach out to you. If they are interested in purchasing products from you at wholesale rates, you need to communicate with them first. Hence, you need to define the terms and conditions of your wholesale strategy, and providing a link to that specific page on the form can also be considered as a helpful guide.

Always focus on where your current WooCommerce adventure gets involved. Maybe you have recently launched a store to sell personalized running shoes, or maybe your dropshipping business is already established with a new wholesale store in the forthcoming years, prospering your brand strategy.

After you have approved some of the buyers who can contact you through this form, you need to create user roles on your website. Users can simply examine the dynamics of the WooCommerce or WordPress user roles in depth via analyzing the different user roles built for each wholesale customer, you can offer tiered pricing parameters as you might need to also set up how you customers can replenish their stock and how they can tailor their business requirements as per the varying decisions.

Hence, all this seems to be a bit of a devastating task? We’ll further discuss each component of an entire wholesale system and introduce you to certain effective tools to control them. Hope after reading this article, you know how to Boost Online Sales with Wholesale for WooCommerce?

How to Boost Online Sales with Wholesale for WooCommerce?

What is Wholesale for WooCommerce?

Wholesale for WooCommerce is a leading and robust wholesale Woocommerce solution for executing a hybrid wholesale B2B & B2C store. This plugin helps wholesalers to carry out their regular wholesale stuff to their particular customers all across the same time. Moreover, users can easily control everything you need to sell to your wholesale customers through an extension that enables you to maintain and manage your eCommerce store

Wholesale for WooCommerce assists WooCommerce stores to build and manage wholesale prices, multiple wholesale user roles, user registration forms, product and price visibility, tax, payment, and shipping methods, and vice versa.

Benefits of Wholesale for WooCommerce?

The following are the benefits of wholesale for Woocommerce:

  • Perfect for hybrid B2B & B2C businesses – Helps businesses to deal with the wholesale products and bulk pricing parameters
  • Build a private wholesale-only WooCommerce store – Enables users to effectively manage and maintain password-protection with wholesale or private members area and hides products from the public or general audience.
  • Build a redundant income stream – Users can easily generate recurring payments from your wholesale customers via the subscription plans.
  • Simple back-end interface – This allows you to manage entire wholesale store configurations and settings.
  • Optimal & Developer Friendly – A lightweight extension that is well-organized and documented based on user preferences.
  • Drag & Drop Builder – No coding required, as a complete business tool you can easily drag and drop elements with the complete B2B functionalities.
  • How to Boost Online Sales with Wholesale for WooCommerce?

Features of Wholesale for WooCommerce

As a comprehensive and powerful solution for the B2B eCommerce industry, the Wholesale for WooCommerce is merely designed to provide you a complete edge over the entire functionality of your store that includes but is not restricted to:

Custom User Roles & Role-Based Pricing

  • Users can create and manage wholesale user roles
  • Manage wholesale prices for single or variable products with relative ease
  • You can easily define various prices and discounts for the wholesale customers as per the user roles & preferences.
  • You can control product visibility i.e. handle visibility of product configurations, particularly for the wholesale user roles.
  • Users can simply measure global-based, category-based, and product-based discounts.
  • Easily filters and sorts orders from the wholesalers and the retailers.
  • Default multiple user roles from the dropdown menu.
  • Provides support for simple or variable products.
  • Import or Export CSV with the wholesale products and prices.

Wholesale-Based Registration Form

  • Users can simply experience advanced registration form builder along with the drag and drop functionality.
  • Users can add lists, autocomplete, date, checkboxes, radio buttons, and relevant selectable options.
  • Add and edit headings, text paragraphs, and other text areas.
  • Users can change the input and extra field, i.e. Help Text, Placeholder, Label, Name, Value, and Max Length.
  • Approve or registration requests in manual or automatic order.
  • Notifies email to the admin and the user after the approval or rejection of the registration requests.
  • Simply overrides the WooCommerce default registration form with an intuitive wholesale registration form.
  • Integrate your registration form on a specific page or post via a shortcode.
  • Custom CSS options in a registration form.
  • You can easily add custom fields on the registration form, my account & checkout page.

Tax, Shipment & Managing Payments

  • Exempts Tax, i.e. exemption of wholesale user roles from the payment of taxes.
  • Displays Tax ID feature in the Billing Address.
  • Enable / Disable payment gateways as per the user roles
  • Enable / Disable shipping methods as per the user roles

Private Store for Wholesale Customers – Hide Wholesale Prices & Products

  • Hides the wholesale prices and products for the non-logged-in or guest user on the shop page.
  • Limit or Restrict access and control on displaying your wholesale store.
  • Allow password protection on your wholesale-enabled store.
  • Hide wholesale prices and products for specific users or user roles.
  • The user has the option to restrict any visibility of the product category.
  • Hides coupon codes for wholesale consumers, only retailers are allowed to use them.
  • Restrict visibility of products from the single or multiple user roles.
  • Restrict visibility of product categories to save time from individually customizing the product visibility settings.

How to Setup Your Personalized Wholesale for WooCommerce Store?

Users have the following options to set up their wholesale for Woocommerce store:

  • Single Wholesale Role

The single wholesale user role option enables you to create wholesale prices based on the products so that each user is offered the same amount of discount.

  • Multiple Wholesale Role

The multiple wholesale roles is an intuitive wholesale pricing method that enables you to create prices of wholesale products as per the user preferences on the multiple user roles.

Users can set price rates based on the various levels of pricing and the user roles of the wholesales, i.e., 20% discount for User X and 30% discount for User Y on a similar product.

Enables users to create multiple levels of wholesale to leverage up to get better pricing options and benefits. This gradual option also assists you in defining multiple minimum quantity requirements for each user role.

  • Default Multi-Wholesale Role

The user can simply create a default role (multi-role option. Whenever a request for the new user is required to register as a wholesaler, they will register at the default wholesale level.

For Instance, There are three levels of wholesale user role such as (Level A, Level B, & Level C). Significantly, the default option is adjusted to level A, allowing users to successfully register as a wholesaler that will intimately be assigned to level A. You can manually change the role levels when approving the requests from the back-end.

How To Integrate New Wholesale User Roles

Users can add multiple wholesale user roles, each with its personalized set of individual settings. Hence, by adding the multiple wholesaler roles, you can provide multiple levels of discounts to various roles.

For Instance, offers 20% off for Role A and 25% off for Role B. It simplifies your process and makes it easy if you are selling in multiple places.

How to Create a New User Role?

The following steps are required to create a new user role:

  • Hover to the Wholesale dropdown, and then click on the user roles.
  • Enter the name for your wholesale role. For Instance, standard, premium, & platinum.
  • Enter the slug name (as an element of a web page’s address that appears after the domain name)
  • Enter the description of the specific role i.e., the standard is basic and will offer a 20% discount.

How to Integrate a Customer Upgrade Request Option?

Enables you to integrate the option for the retail users to become a wholesaler by requesting the admin. You can easily write a custom text that is displayed on the upgrade tab. Furthermore, you can enable the following option for this tab which are as follows:

  • Upgrade Tab – This tab can be visible to non-wholesale users on their WooCommerce My Account Page. It enables users to fill out the form to submit the request for the wholesaler role. Hence, In this case, the request will not be approved by the admin.
  • Resubmit Request – This option enables the user to resubmit their request for the wholesaler role when their application is rejected at the very first instance.

The following screenshot shows the front-end details.

Compatible Subscription & Integrations

Wholesale for WooCommerce is compatible with the following plugins and addons.

●     Integrated with WooCommerce Subscription Products

You can create variable subscription products with the preceding attributes and variations of the product. Furthermore, you can instantly transit your wholesale customers when they purchase a variable subscription or reverts it to a default role whenever they cancel it.

●     Support for Bulk Shop for WooCommerce

The Bulk Shop Extension makes it fast and easier to bulk shop products and variables via a responsive table.

●     Support for Invoice Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Invoice Payment Gateway for WooCommerce provides you the ability to add an alternative payment process for the B2B customers that allows your WooCommerce store to accept invoice payments apart from the redundant payments.

Getting Started

Looking to maximize your online sales with your wholesale Woocommerce store to unlock powerful WooCommerce wholesale features via a single extension. Hence, you need to consider the following steps:

  • Buy Wholesale for WooCommerce
  • Download and install the extension. (Read Installation Guide)
  • Setup, Configure and Activate the extension.

Read the technical documentation to understand more about setting up multiple user roles, product pricing, registration form, and more.

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