How Audience Response Systems Help Teachers in Creating Engagement?

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How Audience Response Systems Help Teachers in Creating Engagement?

The past few years have seen Audience Response Systems (ARS) revolutionize the way people teach, learn, interact, and meet in educational or professional settings. According to a University of Glasgow Study, ARS helps students and lecturers to promptly identify problem areas and delve deeper into various course materials. This, in turn, increases student engagement significantly. 

Read through the section below to know how an Audience Response System can help teachers in creating engagement. 

You Can Take Part in Live, Real-Time Discussions 

Using an ARS will help you to take part in real-time dialogues with your students and hold discussions with them. The handheld smart devices used for such interactions will let the students answer live text and multiple-choice questions and react to comments. The system can display all those conversations on a monitor in real-time both for you and your students. 

As a teacher, you will be able to use such interactions for instantly gauging how well your students have understood a particular chapter. You will be able to present valuable data, share thoughts, and clear any kind of confusion your audience may have. In other words, you will be able to make sure that the discussions are highly impactful to the students. 

By letting you process information promptly, an ARS would ensure that all questions of the attendees are answered right away. This, in turn, reinforces learning objectives. 

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There Will Be Instant Feedback 

ARS tools will provide you with the ability to get instant feedback from people you will be interacting with. As you will be able to comprehend whether or not your lectures are understood well by the audience, you will always have the option of tailoring your messages as required. 

Instant feedback leads to further discussions and dialogues making the interactions even more enlightening. The process might also inform you about areas in which the audience might require reinforcement so that you can address them immediately. 

Offers Better Results than Traditional Lectures

Once you will use ARS to transform your setup for traditional lectures into an interactive learning environment, you will be able to gauge the knowledge of your audience in various ways. You will get to ask questions in different formats. These include polling, voting, text response, rating, multiple-choice, and more. 

The tool may also be used to test your audience’s knowledge through games. If you incorporate games into your lectures and training sessions, you will succeed in attracting students to subjects they are not very fond of. 

These features make the interactions more engaging for the audience and encourage more people to join the lectures. 

The questions asked will serve one of the purposes discussed below:

  •       They would introduce a fresh topic: If you ask questions when beginning a fresh segment of your presentation, you will give your audience the much-needed opportunity of getting involved with the new topic and thinking about it. Your students’ answers to those questions, on the other hand, will help you to gauge their knowledge base. 
  •       Review content that has already been presented: The first thing you should do after sharing new content is asking a few related questions. This will allow the students to understand what they have learned. They will also be able to practice applying their knowledge. These are two crucial segments of our learning cycle and are capable of increasing understanding and retention considerably. 

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Use the Tool to Track Attendance 

You can use the Audience Response System app to track attendance for training, certifications, etc. The system will allow you to record all questions asked by you along with attendee responses. Checking the record at a later time would be enough for you to find out information on the kind of data you shared and how well they were comprehended by your audience. 

The Tool Will Assess the Knowledge Base of Your Students Beforehand 

You can use ARS for measuring and determining your students’ knowledge base even before you start the presentation. The tool will allow you to conduct quick assessments. The results of those tests will be compiled instantaneously. You will then be able to customize your presentation according to various learning requirements of the students. 

Final Words

Due to its ability to make boring lectures more engaging, enlightening, and interesting Audience Response Systems will rule the world of education in the coming years. If you are a teacher, it’s high time that you start using ARS and also encourage your students to do the same. 

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