How a DIY project proved my love for my home phone is pointless


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A landline phone is no longer a common occurrence in homes. With many smartphone contracts coming bundled with unlimited minutes, and WhatsApp, Facetime and other VoIP calling apps ensuring we can gossip till our heart’s content with no charge, for many the landline is quite frankly dead. 

Yet despite this, BT recently unveiled a home phone with Amazon Alexa built-in. The news brought a wry smile to my lips because until recently I was a home phone devotee and would have been first in line when it goes on sale. If you’d taken a peek in my house last year, the eagle-eyed of you would have spotted a home phone nestled in between my collection of smart home gadgets, as I still wasn’t ready to give it up. However, since disconnecting the phone for a big DIY project, I’ve realised that for me at least, a home phone is no longer a necessity. 

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