Horizon Zero Dawn PC specs and benchmarks: one messy port


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When we first got word that Horizon Zero Dawn would be coming to PC, our first instinct was “finally, we can crank up the graphics and play this game as it was truly intended” – as we do with pretty much any major PC port. However, like Red Dead Redemption 2 before it, Horizon Zero Dawn has some pretty significant PC performance issues at launch. 

So, while the game proper is still the incredible work of art that we reviewed back on the PS4 Pro, the PC port leaves a lot to be desired. This is a game that no matter what kind of (consumer-level) hardware you have in your gaming rig, a 4K60 experience is just off the table at max settings. 

If that was the only issue, that would be one thing, but the problems facing the Horizon Zero Dawn port are more than just “it’s a bit hard to run on current-generation hardware”. 

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Death Stranding: easily the best PS4 to PC port (Image credit: 505 Games)

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