Here’s one of the best outdoor TV displays we could find and it’s also the cheapest


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SunBriteTV Veranda – $1,499/£1,148 from SunBriteTV (roughly AU$ 2,035)

This TV comes with a 4K UHD HDR screen with direct LED backlight and it is up to 50 percent brighter than indoor TVs. The SunBriteTV Veranda is built to withstand the elements and its durable aluminum case protects against rain, snow, extreme temperatures, dust, salt and insects. This TV allows you to take your outdoor home cinema to the next level with the peace of mind that it will be protected no matter what.

As the pandemic continues to affect millions worldwide and forces large segments of the workforce to work from home or remotely, there has been a rise in the demand for outdoor TVs as alfresco living-and-working becomes acceptable.

The SunBriteTV (SB-V-43-4KHDR-BL) is the cheapest true outdoor television set out there, one which as a bonus is a 4K model with HDR support and could easily double as a commercial display signage. At just under $1,500, it is far more expensive than ordinary 43-inch television sets but this one comes with a few differences including being able to operate in low and high temperatures.

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