Here are the official DStv and Disney+ ‘bundle and save’ packages


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If you’re a DStv customer who wants to save a little money on your Disney+ subscription, and we mean a little, then listen up. DStv has just announced its ‘bundle and save’ options for its DStv Premium, Compact and Compact Plus customers. If you decide to incorporate Disney+ into your DStv sub, you’ll be saving a whopping R49/m. That’s it. If you were expecting a bigger discount for being a Premium member, you’re out of luck.

Those who are on DStv Family, Access and EasyView packages will be able to add Disney+ to their billing subscription to make life simpler for payments, though no discounts will be applied to the fee. It’s also worth mentioning that only customers with a DStv Explora decoder will be able to access Disney+ through DStv.

The DStv terms and conditions point out that subscribers are only allowed to add one Disney+ subscription to their account. Seems fair… and kinda pointless.

DStv also mentions that to enable your Disney+ sub for DStv, an access fee costing R110 will be charged. It states that the access fee enables services such as DStv Catchup and Box Office. If we’re being honest, this just feels like a way to get more money out of subscribers. If a new subscriber decides to take advantage of the discount DStv is offering, they wouldn’t be saving money, they’d be spreading more.


Here are the official rates for including Disney+ in a DStv subscription.

DStv Disney+ bundle deals 

DStv package Subscription fee Disney+ Bundle total 
DStv Premium R839 R119 R909 
DStv Compact Plus R549 R119 R619 
DStv Compact R429 R119 R499 

As you can see, each ‘bundle and save’ option is exactly the same. No matter what subscription you use, you’ll be saving R49/m.

When you include the ‘Access fee’ for first-time customers, it will end up costing more, at least for the first month. For example, a newcomer to the Premium tier will need to pay R909.00 for the bundle and the R110 access fee, for a total of R1019.00.

Customers that are looking to actually save money, can do so by claiming DStv’s 3 free months of Disney+.

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