Hendrik Wüst in “ntv Frühstart”: “If we rely on deportations, we lie to ourselves”


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Hendrik Wüst in “ntv early start”
“If we rely on deportations, we’re lying to ourselves”

The federal and state governments are still a long way from reaching an agreement at the migration summit. NRW Prime Minister Wüst calls on Chancellor Scholz to show leadership qualities and make more money available.

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst has called on the federal government to make new financial commitments to prevent today’s migration summit from failing. “We have to come together. We have a shared responsibility across all levels of government,” said the CDU politician on ntv’s “Frühstart”. He hopes that there is now a common basis for discussion in order to get a good result. “Municipalities need permanent and reliable financial commitments.”

With more than 100,000 asylum applications this year, there are major challenges for cities and communities, said Wüst. “The municipalities want, the states want, the federal government wants to take a bit of responsibility for all those who are coming back to us at this time.” More people would come from Syria, Afghanistan or Turkey again. “It’s about people who flee to us out of need, it’s about people who do the work on the ground – and they deserve answers, also from the Chancellor, by the way.”

Wüst admitted that the federal and state governments “got stuck” before today’s meeting. “The positions are far apart.” During the negotiations in November, it was agreed that financing the accommodation of refugees would be discussed later, but now the federal government wants to “talk about everything possible, just not about financing”. He understands that Finance Minister Christian Lindner said before the summit that he had no more money available. The finance ministers of the federal states, however, said the same thing. “Now Olaf Scholz’s leadership quality is also required to work constructively on these things as part of what’s going on in his traffic light.”

The Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia does not see the sole basis for an agreement at today’s federal-state meeting in the chancellery’s proposals for border protection and deportations. Measures to limit migration could also be adopted, “only it doesn’t solve the problem with the people who are here today,” says Wüst. The summit meeting must therefore primarily be about more money for the municipalities in the long term.

Nevertheless, Wüst spoke out in favor of better border protection in Europe and earlier registration of the refugees. “We have to make sure that people who don’t have protection status don’t come to us in the first place.” Then you can take better care of those who need protection. “If we rely on deportations, we’re lying to ourselves.” In the run-up to today’s meeting, the Chancellery had Paper presented that provides for more deportations.

The CDU politician expressed his support for the federal government’s planned asylum procedures at the EU’s external borders and a European distribution mechanism. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser from the SPD had spoken of a “momentum” for an agreement in Europe. Wüst said: “If there is this momentum, we must use this opportunity to limit the influx of those who do not absolutely need our protection.” According to Wüst, the regulation would have an effect on immigration in the medium term.

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